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Julie has struggled with insomnia for over 20 years, and her lifestyle, working as a teacher and owner of a German pretzel bakery, has made it challenging for her to focus on sleep.


Wide Awake at 2 a.m.

julie_we1Every night, I set out with the best of intentions. I think, “Tonight I’m going to sleep!” I try to enter bed with confidence, “I can conquer this!” Sometimes I fall asleep with no problem. That’s what happened to me tonight. But then something woke me up. I have no idea what startled me. But I woke up with a start, and sat up. Wide awake. 2 a.m. – I’ve been asleep for four hours, and it felt refreshing. Now I’m awake, and there’s no turning back. Here’s a picture of me in the middle of the night.

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