Cindy Cindy


Cindy is a grandmother, choir director and elementary school principal who has lived with insomnia for most of her adult life. She struggles to fit in sleep with her hectic schedule.


Understanding Insomnia


I recently met with one of the Beyond Tired sleep experts, Dr. Dautovich. It was great to hear from someone so knowledgeable on sleep! For instance, I was amazed to learn how much light can impact sleep, so I’m going to start a new ‘dimming’ process a few hours before bedtime. This will be hard, as it means disconnecting from everything—my smartphone, computer and TV—but I’m going to give it a shot!

I also appreciated her advice on avoiding “extremes.” Usually, I try to avoid eating altogether at night in fear of disrupting my sleep, but she recommended I eat something light instead if I’m feeling hungry.

In addition to learning new sleep tips, it was incredibly reassuring to hear from someone who understood what I was going through. There aren’t a lot of support groups for people living with insomnia, so it’s easy to feel alone and frustrated. But, after talking with Dr. Dautovich, I realized there are solutions, and while it might take some time to find what works for me, I’m not alone in this process.

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