Cindy Cindy


Cindy is a grandmother, choir director and elementary school principal who has lived with insomnia for most of her adult life. She struggles to fit in sleep with her hectic schedule.


Trying Out More Sleep Tips


Another sleep tip I discussed with Dr. Dautovich involved getting out of bed when I’m lying there awake. It sounds easy, but I was concerned it would leave me feeling more alert than before. Plus, when I’m already in bed, it’s harder to get up and out.

I tried this approach, and it was hit or miss for me. Some nights, I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Other nights, I was able to get up and read until I felt tired. It was hard. I wondered why something that seems so simple for others was such a challenge for me.

I have to keep reminding myself this is a process. Not everything I try is going to work perfectly, and there is no magic cure. However, if I focus on the sleep tips I learned from Dr. Dautovich, and discover what works best for me through trial and error, it just might make a difference over time.

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