Zac Zac


Zac is a husband, father of two, and co-owner of a children’s theater company with his wife Tania. Zac feels his lifestyle contributes to his inability to sleep.


Giving New Tips a Try

Throughout the week I’ve tried a couple different techniques. All the teas that I tried really didn’t help; I don’t think I’ve ever really been a tea drinker. Maybe it’s because I drink so much coffee. I drink at least a cup a day. On Wednesday night I did have my best night of sleep this week but I believe it was because I was so tired. I fell asleep so quickly it was great, the next thing I knew it was the morning. The previous nights I didn’t sleep at all, they were all-nighters. That type of routine is pretty typical for me.

Throughout this whole process I’ve been inspired to try a new workout program as well. I have found throughout this week that I am more tired at night and my body wants to fall asleep. I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss my sleeping issues and I hope that will also help. I hope the suggestions Dr. Doghramji made will help my doctor and me find the right path for me. Until next time, this is Sleepless in Boston. Good night.

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