Zac Zac


Zac is a husband, father of two, and co-owner of a children’s theater company with his wife Tania. Zac feels his lifestyle contributes to his inability to sleep.


The Last Two Nights…

The last two nights of sleep have been the extreme opposite of each other. The night before last I slept like a baby for 7 1/2 hours. Last night I slept only an hour. I wanted to have a sit-down talk with my sleep brain, but asking it to wake up and do its job seems counterproductive. 

I feel like both days were exactly identical in the amount of energy I expended during the day, so what is the difference? I wonder what my body is trying to tell me…I wake up in the morning, I do my morning routine, my normal workday, my workout and end it hanging out with my family. Normal day, right?

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