Valencia Valencia


Valencia has struggled with both falling and staying asleep for the past three years. As a newlywed with a demanding career, her lifestyle makes it challenging to prioritize sleep.


That’s More Like It!

It was tough, but I stuck to my guns! Last night, I left my fiancé to his own devices in front of the TV and got ready for bed around 10:00 p.m. After a warm shower and 20 minutes of meditation, I felt pretty relaxed. I think it helped, because I slept a little more than last week.

I’m starting to notice a trend here. I have my worst sleep when I (1) don’t “unplug” 30-45 minutes before bed, (2) don’t do my meditation exercises, and (3) don’t drink my ‘sleepy time’ cup of tea. Sometimes, even with those three things, I don’t always sleep as long as I should, but I’m starting to feel confident that consistency will come with some additional time and commitment to my routine.

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