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Jana is a mother of four (including a set of twin girls) and a savvy social media user who runs her own blog and graphic design business. Jana struggles to both fall asleep and stay asleep.


Switching Things Up

jana_we2Last night wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t the best night of sleep either.

I tried the getting up and doing something else thing last night when I couldn’t fall back asleep during interrupted sleep. I went downstairs and read for a bit. It felt weird and unnatural, but I did get drowsy and head back to bed after a bit and fall back asleep. I can see how not being annoyed at being unable to sleep, changing your focus, and doing something else completely different can be beneficial. I’ll definitely try it again. I laugh a little though, my sleep app says my sleep last night was 87%… if that’s 87%, and you look at those stats, I’d hate to see who can function at say 67%.

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