Valencia Valencia


Valencia has struggled with both falling and staying asleep for the past three years. As a newlywed with a demanding career, her lifestyle makes it challenging to prioritize sleep.


Peaceful Night, Restless Morning










I was ridiculously tired last night, though I fought really hard to stay up and watch election coverage. I thought it was a good sign I could barely keep my eyes open, which would certainly lead to a pretty good night’s sleep, right?

Well…not quite.

According to my sleep tracker, I didn’t toss and turn as much as I usually do, but for some reason, I still feel like I barely slept. My eyelids feel really heavy today. I’ve been yawning at my desk for the last 2 hours, and it’s not even 9:00 a.m. yet! Not a good sign for a demanding work day, like today.

This is how most of my days feel. My co-workers tell me I need coffee, but I’ve never wanted to be a person who relies on their morning coffee to function. I’ve seen those people without their coffee. It’s scary!

So most mornings, I end up struggling to work through my fatigue. I’ve discovered green tea in the morning helps to wake me up quite a bit, which gets me through the day sometimes. Other days, I end up leaving early to go home and rest.

I’ve also had to build downtime into my weekends–typically, it’s Friday nights. I use that night to really wind down from the grind of my weekly activities, though it can be tricky to prioritize when my friends decide to get together. In those situations, I try to get off of work early enough take a power nap before heading out, but it’s never enough. I can’t even nap anymore. If I can get out of going, I won’t go. I find myself going out less and less, which is frustrating.

I’ve been trying to figure out whether any of my daily habits play a role in my insomnia. Like most people, I sit in front of a computer screen all day, then come home to finish my personal work in front of my laptop, usually while sitting in front of the TV. Before, I never thought I spent an excessive amount of time in front of screens, but looking back at it now, perhaps I may need to cut down some.

It’s hard for me to find the motivation to change some of the habits I’ve had since high school. I’m not sure what the sleep experts have in mind for me. I’m pretty desperate at this point. Maybe I do need to re-evaluate my thoughts towards those kinds of changes.

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