Jessica Jessica


Jessica is a mother of two two-year olds and realtor who struggles to stay asleep at night. She often wakes up in the middle of the night and has difficulty getting back to sleep.


New Routines

Last night we moved back into our master bedroom, downstairs. I went through my new pre-bed routine (sleep mask, sound machine) and gave it a go. I slept great. Like really great. For literally years, or maybe decades I’ve not been able to fall asleep after I wake up during the night. For some reason, I’m now able to. It’s amazing. It feels so good to wake up in the morning and know that I got a good night of sleep. This six week process has played a big role in getting better sleep. My advice to anyone who is struggling with insomnia is to really focus on good sleep hygiene and to try new things until you find something that seems to work. And then stick with it for a few days until you can truly see if it helps. Changing bedrooms temporarily has made the greatest difference. I’m so thankful that I put time and effort into creating good sleep habits and practicing good sleep hygiene. Not only has it improved my sleep, but I feel it will impact my entire family in a positive way.

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