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Jana is a mother of four (including a set of twin girls) and a savvy social media user who runs her own blog and graphic design business. Jana struggles to both fall asleep and stay asleep.


Grateful for my Beyond Tired Experience

If you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, you know that it can sometimes be an uphill battle. I’m so grateful for my Beyond Tired experience, which taught me new ways to manage my insomnia. My sleep continues to improve, but I still experience setbacks. When I travel, when my crazy schedule gets even crazier, or when I’m stressed—all of those things can sometimes be a trigger. In fact, it seems like every time that silly Daylight Saving Time rolls around, things get out of whack. The difference now is that I have the knowledge to get back on track. With the sleep tips I learned during my Beyond Tired experience, I no longer struggle indefinitely—I get back into my sleep routine.


For instance, before I joined the program, I never would have thought to get out of bed to do something else if I wasn’t sleeping. I used to simply lie there for hours, tossing and turning. Getting up out of bed, and going downstairs to read a book or get a cup of tea (a change of scenery and mood change) has made a huge difference for me—it gets me back to sleep, which had always been a struggle for me.


I’ve been able to spend more time enjoying days with my family, and being productive, instead of feeling exhausted and frustrated from my insomnia. I’m getting more sleep than ever before, which is why I’m so grateful for my Beyond Tired experience.

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