Zac Zac


Zac is a husband, father of two, and co-owner of a children’s theater company with his wife Tania. Zac feels his lifestyle contributes to his inability to sleep.


Footprint of the Day

My sleep tracker watch does not leave my wrist except to get charged. If someone could discover a way to charge it without taking it off I would be all for it. My sleep tracker watch gives me a footprint of my daily activities. It allows me to see how much energy I’m exerting throughout the day, which also allows me to see the difference between good sleeping nights and horrible ones. The biggest thing is I can see is that my pulse rate plays a huge part in my sleep patterns. Having a large burst in the beginning of the day where my heart rate is up most of the morning and slows down after lunch and then spikes in the afternoon allows my body to get full use of my daily energy. I did find that I get a little more sleep those nights depending on my diet and my day.

I have yet to get the typical eight hours, but I’m hopeful to get there in the coming months. I hope all of you out there as well can find some sort of peace with your sleeping patterns.

Sleepless in Boston.

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