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Julie has struggled with insomnia for over 20 years, and her lifestyle, working as a teacher and owner of a German pretzel bakery, has made it challenging for her to focus on sleep.


Facebook Chatting in the Middle of the Night

julie_we1.2It’s 2:21 a.m. and I’m cleaning the kitchen. Why can’t I just get back to sleep? The negative self-talk kicks in. “What is wrong with you?” I can easily kick into overdrive at night. My friend is messaging me on Facebook. She’s in Alaska, so a few hours behind me. It’s not as late for her. She’s in distress about a family situation. I chat and chat with her. I try to take leave a few times, “I gotta work in a few hours, so I need to get to sleep…” But she keeps the conversation going, and so do I. I’m able to override any pull to sleep. I just turn it off. It’s weird, I can do this at night. I only had two hours of light sleep that night. I was exhausted when the alarm went off. I slammed two cups of coffee, but it didn’t do much. By early evening, I can’t turn off my sleepiness. I would say my peak drowsiest time is around 5 p.m. I wonder why this is? Am I just totally exhausted at this point? It’s after work, I’m finally home, and I can relax. I often fall asleep and miss dinner and family time. I skulk around all night, stumble into work, roll home, collapse.

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