Cindy Cindy


Cindy is a grandmother, choir director and elementary school principal who has lived with insomnia for most of her adult life. She struggles to fit in sleep with her hectic schedule.


Closed-door Policy


I made a concerted effort to initiate ‘dimming’ before bed this week.  Even though I was still busy from the first week of school, I made a point to shorten my computer and television time, as well as turn off my cell phone.

I also closed my door. It sounds simple, I know, but this was a big change for me. It’s important for me to be accessible to my family, so I’ve always left my door open at night. When I made a point to block out light and noise, my children were extremely respectful about it. They even brought me some tea before bed to help me relax.

I ended up sleeping four hours that night. While it wasn’t as much as I’d like, it was at least more than average for me. Better yet, it was gratifying to know my family was supportive of my efforts.

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