Valencia Valencia


Valencia has struggled with both falling and staying asleep for the past three years. As a newlywed with a demanding career, her lifestyle makes it challenging to prioritize sleep.


Bachelorette or Bust!

My bridesmaids are at an impasse about what to do for my bachelorette party! As you may be familiar with, the typical bachelorette party starts pretty late in the evening and goes all night. Some of my girls want to do an all evening, all night affair, which sounds fun, but I know myself too well to do something like that.

I had to really think about what would make me happy. I’m already tired enough during the day, but now I have to find a way to stay awake all night and enjoy it?! I was conflicted. On one hand, an all-night party would honestly be miserable for me. I’d be fighting my body’s natural routine of going to bed by a certain time. On the other hand, it’s my bachelorette party! You only get one, right?

It took a lot of back and forth on my end, but I finally told my friends that I’d be game for a traditional party if that’s what they really wanted.

It’s times like these that I miss having the flexibility of sleeping like a “normal” person. I don’t know anyone else who has to put in this much work to figure out how to spend an evening. It shouldn’t be this hard. It’s frustrating.

I’m going to find a way to have fun regardless of what we do–insomnia or not.

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