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Julie has struggled with insomnia for over 20 years, and her lifestyle, working as a teacher and owner of a German pretzel bakery, has made it challenging for her to focus on sleep.


Afternoon Hurdles


julie_we5.2One hurdle I still face is the afternoon sleepiness. Again, I’m not sure if it’s because of my sleep deficits, out of habit, or if my body is really this out of whack, but I find myself getting super sleepy mid-afternoon. If I’m sitting down, it’s not unusual for my eyes to be pulling themselves closed. I’ve had plenty of embarrassment in nodding off during late-afternoon meetings, or even conversations with friends. I have never brought it up to my coworkers or friends because I don’t want to draw attention to it. So far, no one else has brought it up, either.

Well, I guess my husband and kids have brought it up. I overheard one of my son’s friends say the other day, “why is your mom always napping?” You see, after school time is when he normally has friends over. My husband works from home, so it’s not like the kids are unsupervised, but it’s not unusual for me to be asleep, even if there’s a bunch of kids over here making a racket. It makes no sense to me, either, why I can sleep mid-afternoon through noisy children, but come nightfall, there’s no way I can fall asleep, or stay asleep.

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