Julie Julie


Julie has struggled with insomnia for over 20 years, and her lifestyle, working as a teacher and owner of a German pretzel bakery, has made it challenging for her to focus on sleep.


A Tired Brunch

julie_we1.3My lack of sleep builds and builds. I feel like for every hour of sleep I miss, I put an extra rock in my backpack. After four or five days of this, I tend to crash. If my schedule allows it, I can sleep for 10 or 12 hours. I miss a lot of my weekend this way. It’s terrible for me, because I’m missing out on doing lots of things with my family. I don’t have much time for my hobbies. I like to play the piano, putz in the garden, sew and craft. But I lack the energy. Here’s a picture during a recent family gathering. My husband wanted to take me out to brunch. I was so exhausted. I had to put on a good face and pull myself through the experience. I wasn’t fully present. I was so drowsy. I would’ve rather been in bed.

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